It has now been seven years since I started this blog. How quickly time goes by! We are many members but we are one in the body of Christ. Therefore you do not journey alone! Hopefully through this site you will be encouraged by the fact that many things you are going through in your own walk, others are going through (or have gone through) as well. Sometimes we think we are "going through things alone." But we are not. God said that "He would Never Leave Nor Forsake Us." (Hebrews 13:5) and that "There is Nothing New Under The Sun." (Ecclesiastes 1:9). No man is an island. It's easy to forget that. May the words in this blog help you to think, encourage you in whatever spiritual state you are in and may the Lord use them to help us to grow in Him! He is the Author and Finisher of our faith!

I don’t want any readers to think that I am “promoting” being a prodigal. I definitely am not. But what I am hoping to do – is to encourage those of us who either have had or are currently experiencing a hard time in our walk to be honest about it. Personal conviction is a powerful thing, especially if you truly love the Lord. I think that sometimes the Body of Christ critiques and judges to the point where the person who is at the other end of that pointing finger feels ostracized, alienated and alone. I don't think that that is what Jesus intended. When I read through my Bible - I see a firm yet gentle restoration that Jesus ministered to those around Him. Look at John 21:15-19. When Peter who was at an all time low point in his walk - he was firmly, yet lovingly restored by Jesus. He didn't tear him down, or yell or make him feel any worse then he already did. He spoke to him lovingly and gently - and in doing so, Peter was able to repent and minister in a much more powerful, humble and confident way and it became one of the largest ministries ever.

Please note that I am only a vessel, my calling - to write. I dedicate this blog to the Lord and ask that He use it to reach out and touch whoever needs a special, loving, personal touch from Him. My hope is that the Holy Spirit allows you to see Him through the words (and not me). We go through things so that we can extend our right hand of fellowship behind us to assist and help someone else. Our Bible is the same today, as it was yesterday as it will be tomorrow. (I am far from perfect and do not profess to have all the answers...) but the good news is - Our Heavenly Father does! His love, forgiveness, grace and mercy is real!Nothing you are experiencing in your walk comes as a surprise to Him! May He be glorified through this blog and may God bless you at whatever stage in your walk you are in!~

I am a Breast Cancer Survivor

I am a Breast Cancer Survivor
I was diagnosed with early stage triple negative breast cancer on June 24th, 2010 - I have been cancer free for 7 years now. It was only a chapter in my life - NOT my life, but the impact is one that has changed my life forever. Its important for women to know that 80% of the breast cancer diagnosis come from women who don't have a history of it in their family (My family didn't). Early detection is the key. For more information please click on the pink ribbon above. It could save your life.


December 11, 2015

Careful What You Pray For... You Just Might Get it...

Have you really thought about what you would do if God answered "that" prayer?
 Could you handle it? What if it came in a form that you weren't expecting?
 Different from what you have been use to - would you recognize it? Would you receive it?
ou’ve probably heard the saying, “Be careful for what you pray for, because you *might* just get it…”

What have you been asking God for??? And if He gave it to you, would you know what to do with it?  Usually things God gives us, stretches us in one way or another… Causes us to grow… Usually it is a reflection of God’s love for you and is perfect in its answer because it is just for you.  Hand made. 

What is it you have prayed for?  Can you handle the answer? Or would you shy away?  Perhaps it was something that moves you totally out of your comfort zone; makes you uncomfortable, maybe even makes you have to face things within yourself that you have always wanted to avoid – but in doing so it brings you into greener pastures and helps you to grow in ways that are healing for you. Maybe in order to get the fullness of the answer God is giving you - you have to be prepared for what that answer will bring?  Personal growth, change, broader horizons... Can you handle the answer to your request?  Have you really thought it through?

He tells us “I will restore what the cankerworm has destroyed…”(Joel 2:25) But are you willing to allow Him to do that?  Or will you shy away from the fact that it makes you think about things you’ve tried to close off in your mind?  Makes you examine them and dig deeper… What do you want?  Is it what you thought you wanted?  Or did you pray too big?  Are you so use to mediocre in your life that you don’t know how to receive God’s best for you because it scares you?  Maybe God is teaching you that you need to learn how to receive...

Sometimes what God gives you, is not what you expected.  Not what you planned, not what you thought you would have and there you are praying, “Oh God, I want this so badly…”  And He is looking at you with a raised eyebrow because what you are asking for is right there before you.  Only you don’t recognize it or trust it.  Open your eyes…

God has a best for your life.  He alone knows what that best is.  TRUST HIM.  Learn to recognize your blessings and learn HOW to receive them.  Don’t take those blessings for granted because you are afraid of either your past, or being vulnerable to what the future holds for you.  Be open to new experiences, even if they differ from what you are used to… It may be the best thing ever and just exactly what you need.  Be open to it.  YOU prayed a prayer – now receive God’s answer, whatever that may be.  Because if you miss it – God may deem that you are not worthy of it or mature enough for it or ready for it – and whatever lesson He has you currently in in your life (and we are ALL in different life lessons) – He may have you take the lesson over until you get it right…

Remember it says, "To much is given, much will be required." (Luke 12:48) There is a responsibility in what God gives you.  Is it love? Then cherish that person He gives you no matter what comes your way. Whatever it is - rejoice in God's answer and receive and thank Him for answering your prayer.  Sometimes we pray prayers and we forget about them - God does not forget. So remember, when He answers your request - to thank Him for it - in fact, thank Him BY FAITH before He even answers it.  He has your best interest in mind and He knows JUST what you need.

"Be anxious about nothing, but by prayer and supplication WITH THANKSGIVING let your requests be made known to God." (Philippians 4:6)

Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, lean not to your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path." (Proverbs 3:5) Just remember that sometimes answers to prayer don't come in the way or form you expect. You may certainly be asked to go beyond your comfort zone - but know that in doing so, you will be blessed more abundantly than you could ever imagine...

What are you praying for? What are you expecting? What are you willing to do with what God gives you?  God can give to you – but unless you receive it with an open hand and a willing heart – you can’t receive it.  The receiving part is up to you…

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